Labour, Birth & Hypnobirthing


Labour, Birth & Hypnobirthing Online Learning Package

If you are looking for an online learning package that covers all bases – you are in the right place.  This is a midwife led package and covers:

During Pregnancy

Birth Place Choices

What to pack in your bag

Perineal Care

Labour & Birth

What does labour & birth look like for you

Stages of labour

Signs of labour

How labour works

Pain relief

Unexpected home birth

Caesarean section


What is hypnobirthing?


Your cave

How your muscles work


Breathing techniques

Once baby is here

Delayed cord clamping

Delivery of the placenta

Emotional wellbeing


Information on 5 essential oils that can be used during labour.

This learning package has been designed to cover everything you need to know in the hope that you will feel prepared for all the different ways your baby could make his or her way into your arms.