Postnatal Recovery Yoga

Postnatal Recovery Yoga Developmental Milestones

Carly is passionate about women’s recovery during the postnatal period. Caring for yourself as you did during pregnancy should not stop once baby has been born. Your health and wellbeing during the postnatal period is so important.

Yoga is one of the most effective ways to aid your recovery after having a baby. Using breathing techniques and a gentle and specific practice of tailored postures means that you can help the body to heal effectively, lessening the chance of injury or issues further down the line.

In this class we focus on working into the deep core muscles which support the back and pelvis, and work into the pelvic floor muscles as we slowly work to regain strength through the whole body, as well as allowing some time and space for you, to focus on how you feel, on what your body and mind needs and the chance to take some much needed rest and relaxation.

Life may be all about your little one, but in this class it’s all about you mama.

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