Developmental Baby Massage

Baby Buddha


For those first few days!
A beautiful class! Led by Amy, Developmental Baby Massage Practitioner and Classical Opera singer, this class combines the use of classical music and massage to help your baby relax into life outside the womb. This class should be taken before baby arrives so you have a beautiful routine to follow from as soon as baby arrives!

Baby Buddha


Tummy time is a vital milestone for healthy physical development for your baby and only be achieved happily & safely when the mini-milestones have been met. This class for newborn babies (1-6 weeks of age) provides you with the knowledge and know-how to release any tension in baby’s tummy and teaches you how to safely introduce tummy time so you & baby can enjoy it!

5 Week

Developmental Baby Massage

Helping your baby reach developmental milestones

Your baby is already 6 weeks old and ready for some help reaching their developmental milestones. Join Amy on this lovely 5 week course helping your baby transition
from a babe in arms to a little toddler!

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